Next Meeting: Social Media and Politics

We’ve all talked about how much the last presidential race was affected by social media. But, have you spent much time discussing how politics and social media are intersecting in our area? Do you want to?

Join us on Saturday, Oct. 24 at 10 a.m. at the Cincinnati Public Library downtown (room 3A) for the next Cincinnati Women Bloggers meeting. It’s sure to be an interesting event, and we thought it would be timely with election day right around the corner. I’ll be adding additional information about our speakers soon. But, in the meantime, you can RSVP by commenting on this post. Hope to see you there!

Update: Meet Our Speakers

This week’s speakers will be Jane Prendergast of the Cincinnati Enquirer and Kathy Groob, who founded ElectWomen Magazine.

Jane Prendergast

Jane Prendergast

Jane Prendergast has what she thinks is the best job at The Enquirer – covering the city of Cincinnati, its neighborhoods, its people. But right now, she’s mostly busy with its $51 million budget deficit and its politics. She has the distinction of breaking this summer’s Twittergate scandal, in which one councilwoman tweeted during a council meeting that another “does not know when to shut up.” She has worked at The Enquirer 20 years. She contributes to the paper’s politics blog, Politics Extra,  and on twitter @janeprendergast

Kathy Groob is the founder and facilitator of ElectWomen Magazine, a national media magazine site dedicated to providing resources to elect women to public office. ElectWomen Magazine is the first, independent,

Kathy Groob

Kathy Groob

comprehensive magazine-style website that offers women running for office a place to obtain resources, links to training, workshops, books and advice, statistics and even the ability to blog or e-mail questions. Groob has assembled a distinguished panel of contributors who provide articles and responses to reader questions. Kathy Groob is a 30-year businesswoman and entrepreneur and has served as an elected city official and ran for the Kentucky Senate in 2008. Her Senate campaign inspired hundreds of women to become involved and she created a bi-partisan network of campaign volunteers and supporters. She serves as a political consultant, is a leader in women’s organizations throughout her region and has been a mentor and advocate for women in the workplace throughout her career.


18 Responses

  1. I’ll be at the 10/24 Cincinnati Women Bloggers meeting. Thanks for organizing this event.

  2. 10am on a Saturday? Yer killin’ me. 😉

    I’m not 100% sure I can be there, but I’d love to attend my first CWB meeting. I’ll certainly try to attend!

  3. I’m going to try to make this one. Let’s cross our fingers that none of my kiddos get sick again – I think we had our fill this week. Thanks for organizing.

  4. I’ll be there, and I’ll be bringing the coffee.

  5. I’ll be there too.

  6. I’ll be there with baby James in tow. Looking forward to talking politics and blogging. Great topic!

  7. Hoping to make it unless i have to help harvest! See y’all there!!

  8. Yay libraries, I’m very excited for the location!

  9. Hooray! Finally I should be able to make a meeting. Looking forward to seeing everyone. I think it’s been since BlogHer!

  10. I’ll be there, helping Laura bring the coffee. 🙂

  11. i intend on being there

  12. I’m with Andi…love the location. (library junkies!) I am a “maybe” vote. I will be elbow deep in lotions (wholesale orders), but I do hate to miss a meeting. I hope to get a moment of “me” time in my day on Saturday. …and in case the karma gods are looking, I’m certainly not griping about lots of wholesale orders. ha!

  13. I’m out this time. Sorry ladies! I have to go to my sister’s baby shower instead. I bet you can all guess just how much I love baby showers … (sooooo not my thing). But it’s my sister so I can’t get out of it. Have fun!

  14. Looking forward to attending my first meeting!

  15. I plan on attending with my friend Pat Meier. Looking forward to meeting new people and connecting with people I met at the last meeting.

  16. I’ve just entered your site and it looks very nice. May be in the future i’ll partecipate.

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