Friday Favorites Link Up – Week 2

chain linksWe want to start off by thanking everyone who participated in last week’s “Friday Favorites Link Up.” We felt it was a great success, with almost 30 of you sharing your posts!  I don’t know about you, but I walked a way with quite a few new additions to my Google Reader and discovered several blogs that I hadn’t read before!

So, with our first one under our belts, we continue.

How it works
Click on the link below to enter your link.
2) Enter your blog name and a brief teaser title (You only have 100 characters)
3) After you hit submit, it will bring you back to the CWB site. To view all the links that have been submitted, click on the second link  and check out what others have submitted.
4) Most important — click around. Get to know each other. Read something you like? Let ‘em know and leave a comment.

Click here to enter your link

Click here to view the entire list of entered links

Powered by MckLinky

Rules? “The rules are, their ain’t no rules…” except you must live in greater Cincinnati!

Posted by Shannanb


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  1. DOH! I totally forgot about this! Adding it to my Outlook tasks right now for this Friday! Not missing it again!

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