Guest Post: Save Ohio Libraries

Cincinnati Women Bloggers is pleased to have Andrea, from Udandi and the Craft of Money guest posting today.  You can follow her on Twitter at @Udandi.


Library BooksWhen people hear I blog about crafts, personal finance and libraries they do not immediately see the connection between the three topics.  In short, I save money by using the library to get sewing books so I can make my own clothes and home decor items.

From books to web sites, I learn by collecting and sharing information. That is also what libraries do. While the Internet is a tool libraries use to help access information, it will not replace libraries. Libraries are a lifeline for all users: for those who want to learn and for those who seek a place of community. They have been
essential to education and economic recovery. When schools cuts libraries, they know their students will still have access to materials and resources through the public library. When people lose their jobs, they are directed to use the public library’s Internet access to search and apply employment. When the underemployed decide to go back to school, they come into the library researching educational grants and scholarships. When personal budgets are tight, families come to the library for storytimes and creative, educational programming. At a time when libraries are being used more than ever, we need to Save Ohio Libraries.

The news that Governor Ted Strickland’s budget proposal included cutting the Public Library Fund by 50% to balance the budget mobilized library users to contact their legislators to let them know the importance of libraries. At the time of this writing, the Ohio General Assembly has issued a statement in support of libraries. Now, we wait for budget approval and the fate of Ohio public libraries.

We never stop reading and learning and we never close libraries.


3 Responses

  1. I concur Andrea, and couldn’t have said it better myself! I’ve been meaning to get a sewing book out now for ages…..

  2. I logged onto this link earlier this week and it was super easy to fill out and email my local legislators. Thank you for bringing this to everyones attention.

  3. Agreed! We should never close libraries. This will be heartbreaking. Truly!

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