Blogs of the Week: Write Technology, My Wine Education


We're voting for Michelle! You should too!

We're voting for Michelle! You should too!

Instead of focusing on a single blog for the CWB Blog of the Week award, this week, we’re focusing on a blogger and the two sites that make her the Cincinnati Woman Blogger we know and love. Say hello to Michelle Lentz! Michelle is the owner of the popular wine blog My Wine Education and also owns the social media consulting firm Write Technology.


There’s a reason we’re saluting our dear friend and loyal CWB member this week. After all, it would be very easy to salute her EVERY week. BTW, did you hear her wine blog is now linked to Seriously! 

Back to the point. Michelle is a great blogger. She’s knowledgeable about all things social media and often speaks at CWB events to teach less experienced bloggers ways to refine their craft. She makes wine accessible. She’s great at pairing it with meals, and with people (as I learned when I got a bottle of this for Christmas.) 

That’s why she deserves her dream job with Murphy-Goode Winery. Here’s what Michelle has to say about the gig on her blog:

Murphy-Goode Winery is offering a 6-month, $60,000 position to someone who wants to promote the winery via social media. They’ll even provide you with a rent-free home in Healdsburg. Seeing as how I’m a wine blogger and a social media consultant, it seems amazingly up my alley. I want this job. Really bad.

In order to get this job, I had to create a 1-minute video. I thought about embedding it below, but really, I want to drive you to the site to vote. You get a screen cap instead.

So many people seemed to just sit and talk about wine. I think wine is part of the job, but understanding social media and marketing is more important. So I tried to tell a story, and I used the Wizard of Oz to do it. Of course, it’s also an excuse to dress up like Dorothy.

So, powers that be at Murphy-Goode Winery, please accept this blog post as the Cincinnati Women Bloggers official and enthusiastic endorsement of Michelle Lentz for her dream job. We know that she’ll be your dream employee and bring to your business the enthusiasm for wine and expertise in social media she gives us every day. 


Laura Deaton Morarity, Shannan Boyer & Debba Haupert

Founders, Cincinnati Women Bloggers


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