Blog of the Week: Whammy Juice

This week’s Blog of the Week, Whammy Juice, features the tales of two women with no kids. Get to know Lisa and Leslie in their own words:

I’m Leslie.  I’m single and never been married.  Or as some of my friends say, I’ve dodged a few bullets.  I have two cats and one very big horse.

Friends call me a skin care junkie. Since age 12 I’ve lived on a constant skincare diet of vitamin A derivatives, serums, day creams, night creams and any treatment with an SPF that promises to keep my very pale skin free of fine lines and wrinkles.  Lisa follows my lead in the quest for the fountain of youth.

I’m Lisa.  I’m married with 3 dogs, 2 fighting cats, no kids (but I have 2 wonderful adult step-kids who are two of my favorite people on this planet).

I like to think I can cook.  Leslie knows she can eat. You’ll find weekly recipes on the site that promise to be yummy and healthy.  Don’t worry; I’m getting a lot of help from my sister, the gourmet cook, who will contribute to the Recipes page.

Both of us have fur children — with paws or hooves.  We’re fun out-of-town-aunts.  We have aging parents.  We are looking for work, full-time and part-time.  We have hobbies.  Lisa walks her dogs and knits.  Leslie rides her horse.

We both eat out (a lot), we worry about our weight, our workouts (or lack there-of), our careers.  We hang out with other couples, some who have kids and others who don’t.  We have single friends, some with kids and some without.

So head over to Whammy Juice, get a glimpse into Lisa and Leslie’s worlds, and enjoy yourself. I know I did!


3 Responses

  1. BTW, I didn’t mention this in the post, but make sure you go check out the recipes section… it’s awesome.

  2. Thanks a zillion for this distinction!

    We love the support of Cincinnati Women Bloggers.

  3. Your blog is full of positive energy, love the pictures.

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