Win a Pass to BlogHer 2009!


This Contest is CLOSED. Stay tuned to find out who won.


Without a doubt, Blogher 2009 is THE hottest ticket in the blogosphere right now.  Sold out months in advance, bloggers, with fingers crossed, are on long waiting lists, casting pleas on Twitter, checking EBay and Craig’s List, all in the hopes of securing a golden ticket.  And guess what?  Cincinnati Women Bloggers has one!  Just call us Willamena Wonka if you will!

blogherThat’s right folks, We Are Giving Away ONE FULL CONFERENCE PASS* – current value PRICELESS – as you can’t find one of these babies anywhere!  CWB is beyond thrilled to be able to offer this gem to a local blogger.  We know the importance of such an opportunity as many of us benefited greatly from last year’s conference.  Whether your goal is to network with other bloggers, hone your skills or just getaway with the most amazing collection of women in the country – BlogHer has something to offer just about anyone!

One winner will be chosen at random.  You simply need to leave a comment here and meet the following criteria:

1)   Be a woman blogger in the Greater Cincinnati area: winner must reside within 100 miles of downtown Cincinnati (45202) – sorry dudes, this one’s for the ladies!

2)  Be a member of Cincinnati Women Bloggers – you must be on our blogroll (email your URL to and subscribe to our newsletter (please make sure you do this before entering the contest)

3)   And NOT currently own a pass to BlogHer 2009 (lets spread the love a little!)

One entry per person. Entries to the contest will be accepted until 11:59pm on Wednesday, May 27th.  Winner will be drawn and contacted immediately thereafter.  Winner must reply back to CWB within 48 hours or another winner will be selected.  If for any reason the winner is unable to utilize the pass, it reverts back to Cincinnati Women Bloggers so another qualified winner can be chosen from the remaining entries.

Please join the Greater Cincinnati Group on Blogher’s site to get to know the other local gals heading to Chicago!

*Please note this giveaway is for the conference pass only.  You will need to provide your own transportation to Chicago, as well as your lodging.  The conference pass does include breakfast, lunch and snacks each day, as well as passes to both cocktail parties hosted by BlogHer.  All other expenses are the sole responsibility of the winner.   The conference pass is for the main conference only and does not include Blogher Business.  I believe there are passes available for BlogHer Business at this time, but arrangements for this would be done directly with BlogHer.

30 Responses

  1. Pick me! Pick me! Wait- where are my manners? Please- mmmmkay?

  2. I want to go! I need to go! I have to go! (To BlogHer, not the potty… this time).

  3. Other are abput 10 Daytonites that would love I see me won this! None more than me.

  4. Ohhh! You guys are good! Lookie you scoring blogher passes!!

    Consider me ENTERED. (Please.)

  5. lovely ladies!

    pick me!



  6. What a cool opportunity! good luck to the entrants!

    I would like to offer up a bonus prize, the chance to meet ME! 🙂 (oh maybe I should have said boobie prize-ha!)

  7. Please pick me, because otherwise I will be the barfly shopping, sipping and dining my way across Chicago while the rest of my lovely Losers are getting edjumicated on blogging 😉


  9. Me, me, me – it’s all about me! Just call me narcissa – I would LOVE to go – Chicago is one of my fave cities and I need to break away from my children for a weekend – please – it’s been so long! The last time I went away on a weekend it was 2001. And that was for a funeral. Desperate.

  10. Pick me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  11. pLeAsE pick me!!

  12. how many times can I get in on this?

  13. I would so totally be all over this opportunity!!

  14. Blue Finch is new to the blogging world and would love to hit Chicago!

  15. Thanks CWB for the amazing opportunity you’re giving away! I learned after going to SOBCon and meeting Debba that in order to have a successful blog you must not only virtually social network, but also attend events and conferences and do the old fashion networking as well. Putting faces to their blogs is what gives you that personal connection that no internet can do. Congrats to whomever wins and use the opportunity wisely. If I’m chosen I know I will.

    Looking forward to meeting you all at the next CWB meeting on May 30th.


  16. Pick me – otherwise I’ll be with Kate making my way around Chi-town missing out on the wonderful conference…. how did I not register for this??!?!

    – Krista

  17. Unfortunately poor grad school students often can’t afford conference tickets. But we sure do love to write! Looking forward to getting to know you prolific gals!

  18. So glad I actually read the LinkedIn CWB Group update at 6:00 a.m. this morning about the contest. Have been dying to meet up with you wonderful ladies since I met Debba Haupert earlier this year. Keep missing out on your meetings, but as of this morning I am fully connected to your newsletter so I have no excuses! Thanks for adding me to the blogroll and for sponsoring this fantastic contest. The conference sold out incredibly fast, so this is pure GIFT!!!!


  19. Yes, please. Thanks for doing this!


  20. If you pick me, I will provide boxed wine for the Cincinnati contingent. I’ve check eBay for the last month for tickets and nothing? Definitely the best ticket in town. Everyone is holding on tight!! Can’t wait to check out all the sites at Cincy Women Bloggers. Do you get together thru-out the year? I’ll bring the boxed wine! Seriously, how can you say no to that?

  21. Oohhh pick me! pick me! I would love to go. I missed out on tickets 😦


  22. This is the hottest ticket in town! Great work, CWB! …and I SO want to go! Fingers crossed. 🙂


  23. I would absolutely love to win a ticket. Thought I could just get one but I was too late. Even if it’s not me that wins, I can bid for a Chicago trip that weekend (I am a flight attendant) and someone can come stay with me if they would like to.

    Thanks and have a great Holiday weekend!

    Did I mention that I would love love love to go??

  24. Pick me. What is it, anyway? Just kidding. Sounds fab, thanks for putting this up for sharing.


  25. Umm … pick me because I have family in Chicago and haven’t had a vacation in two years?

  26. Thanks for giving away a pass…I didn’t have the money when the passes were available for sale or I would’ve bought one. I hope I win, but good luck to everyone who enters. 🙂

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  28. Congrats MoxieMom!! Enjoy the conference!

  29. […] 100 miles of downtown Cincinnati (45202), you have until midnight tonight to enter for a chance to win a free pass to BlogHer this summer. Cincinnati Women Bloggers is giving away this golden ticket to one lucky local blogger, so […]

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