CWB Krista Neher presents Branding to AMA

We’re blessed to have a strong community of bloggers, social media and marketing professionals here in our favorite city. One of our Cincinnati Women Bloggers, KRISTA NEHER, spoke for the AMA yesterday on “Online Branding and Reputation Management.”

Here’s her recap:

* The internet is changing brand management – Brands control fewer of the interactions and touchpoints. This calls for new marketing approaches. Brands have to engage in an honest and transparent way to win over consumers.
* Steps to Brand Management:

1. Manage your brand. Be proactive. Create accounts on social media sites to facilitate and engage in conversations. Reserve your name of social media sites. Decide your brand message and tone of voice and be consistent across platforms.
2. Monitor your brand. Stay up to date on who is saying what about your brand. Measure sentiment as well as mentions. There are lots of tools ranging from free to expensive to help you do this…. check out Keotag, Trackur, Radian6, chatterguard and sentimentmetrics. Many services offer free trials – give it a shot and figure out what matches your brands’ needs.
3. Engage, Participate and Respond. Respond to positive and negative comments. Build an active community of enthusiasts who love you. Be transparent and friendly to those who are negative; offer an explanation or help.

krista-presenting1Check out her complete presentation on her blog The Marketess. Interested in more information on blogging, marketing online, mobile applications/marketing, etc.? Come back soon for Krista’s new seminar Bootcamp Digital.

Fun to see another Cincinnati Women Blogger – Shannan (co-founder of CWB) there!

Thanks Krista for a great presentation!

(This is Debba from Girlfriendology!)


2 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for writing about the event! It was great to see you in the audience – I really appreciate your support 🙂

    – Krista

  2. Krista

    Great job on the presentation – we are fortunate to have you as part of Cincinnati AMA!

    Hilarie Joseph
    President, Cincinnati AMA

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