Blog of the Week: Westside Foodie Wannabes

Hey Cincinnati! This week, give some love to the Westside and check out Westside Foodie Wannabes, the blog of two gals on a search for the next most delicious thing in Cincinnati. In their own words: 

we’re just two girls born and bred on the westside who grew up loving high school football, church festivals, cheap beer, and, of course, food. we’re always looking for something new to taste, even if it’s not the most recent addition to the menu at price hill chili.
as is the genesis for many great friendships, we met through a mutual friend at a bar, circa 2000, and realized it was unbelievable we hadn’t met previously. we knew the same people, had hung out at the same places, probably passed each other a million times. we were (and are) each other’s kevin bacon. we both like to eat, drink, and eat some more. and, let’s be honest, drink some more, too.

I’d like to add — there ain’t nothing wrong with a good ‘ol BK Big Fish. So, check out the Westside Foodie Wannabes, but be forewarned…reading may make you hungry.


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  1. I was alerted to the fact that there is a Cincinnati Women’s blogger group. I currently host a blog about the Cincinnati art scene. My blog is I have already discovered so many interesting blogs through your group. This is the most fabulous twitter group!

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