Social Media & Sports?

Sure, why not?

Amybeth, aka: The Research Goddess, invites social media friends to participate in her annual tournament. She writes:

I’m hosting a March Madness Tournament Pool again this year for all the geeks out there who want to participate. Sadly, doesn’t look like my beloved Gators will last long this year, but at least they’re (most likely) invited to the Dance. I wanted to invite you to be part of the pool.

If you’d like to participate, you can sign up here .

The group ID is 30220 and the password for the group is twitterrules. The buy-in is only $10 and winnings will be distributed to the top 3 brackets: 50% to the 1st place bracket, 30% to 2nd, and 20% to 3rd. Please let me know when you’ve registered your bracket to pay for your buy-in. I will be accepting PayPal or personal check payments for this. Only thing with PayPal is that they charge a little fee for each transaction, which I will deduct from the total winnings pool once all payments are in. So – check is preferred 🙂

Let me know if you want in, or you can just go sign up. The final official picks are being made this coming weekend and then we can all do our brackets. Final day to join the group and create a bracket will be March 17th. This is just for fun – we don’t take it too seriously, but in previous years there’s been a little smack talk 🙂
Hope to see you in my group!

Join this Cincinnati Women Blogger for some social media sporting – and talk smack with her on Twitter at Research Goddess.

Debba / Girlfriendology


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