Men vs. women in social networking

Men are the early adopters, right? They are the first on new technologies. Programmers are predominately men, as as well as investors in new techie sites. And males make up 63% of Twitterers, specifically males from California, whose residents account for more than 57% of Twitter’s visitors. (Aug. 2008 stats)

Women, however, are SOCIAL. We use an average of 20,000 words per day, where men are around 7,000. Women are conversational (not transactional like men) and we’re growing online. (2008 was marked at the year of the woman online.) And women make/influence 83% of consumer purchase decisions.

What are your thoughts on the differences between men and women online? Share examples of who’s marketing through social media to women or men WELL.

Your thoughts? Please share!

Thanks – Debba, Girlfriendology


5 Responses

  1. I always tell people that it is not age, it is attitude when it comes to learning social media. For example, kids do not fall out of bed knowing how to create a facebook page…certainly not how all of the sites and widgets work together. Similarly there are folks that are enjoying their retirement years…online.

    That said, I think the same applies to your question. It has less to do with sex and more to do with attitude!

  2. What an interesting concept….

  3. I read a book awhile back called Mars and Venus in the Workplace. It helped me learn about the different ways that men and women communicate, although there are certainly exceptions to the norm. I’m sure there’s a gender aspect to social media usage, but I think in many cases it has to do with profession. I’m noticing a lot of communications (media, PR, marketing, advertising) people using social media, as well as those who network a lot in their work (recruiters, entrepreneurs).

  4. I think the article has it right on! Women do tend to be more social. Yes, probably we HAVE been ‘socialized’ to be social but that contrast of women=20,000 words a day vs 7,000 for men is too steep to ignore.

    I use Twitter mostly for personal reasons and notice more women than men; however, the men who tweet more tend to be into meditation, yoga, and the like. Seems like it may be a sensitivity issue.

    Thanks for the thoughts!


  5. If you ever want to hear a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for four from five. Decent info, but I have to go to that damn yahoo to find the missed pieces. Thank you, anyway!

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