Local Blogger News – Bloggers Go Cross Country

This week we’ve got bloggers traveling across country, speaking at national conferences and walking the red carpet with Brooke Burke!


michelle-lentzIf you’re planning on attending BlogHer this year, be sure to check out the panel on  Food Blogging in Time of Recession.  The panel will include local wine blogger, Michelle Lentz!  She’ll be speaking on both finding Recession Wines and how to be a wine (and food) blogger during a recession.  Congrats Michelle! Click here for the details.


debba-haupertCWB co-founder, Debba (Girlfriendology) and Andrea (Mommy Snacks) recently were invited by Frito-lay to California for the preimier of their A Woman’s World campaign.  While there they walked the red carpet with celebrities and represented Cincinnati.  Check out there blogs for news on how it all went down!


katethegreatKate (Kate’s Random Musings) was interviewed and pictured in an article in CincyChic highlighting the top ten ways for women in Cincinnati to get involved. Kate as many of you know is a champion for the United Way here in Cincinnati. You can check out the article, here.


Have something exciting you want to share? Email Shannan at Shannanb @ Gmail.com.


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations, ladies. It is so good seeing us making waves in the blogging world. Keep up the good work. Cincinnati Women Bloggers are a dynamite force!

  2. Thank you for this blog, it’s a great way to keep up on all of the local women blogger activity. And based on the last few posts alone, it looks like you have your hands full. A good problem to have. Cheers!

  3. This is great–recently moved to the area and just found this site! I’m also a “Cincy women blogger”. Looking forward to checking out all the others—thanks!! Would love to connect with all of you!

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