Women Bloggers Mean Business

Why would Frito-Lay fly ten women bloggers to L.A. for a tour and special event? Because, women bloggers mean business.

Women bloggers are at the heart of social media and developing relationships online – we’re SOCIAL and we have a strong influence on female consumers (who make/impact 83% of all consumer purchase decisions).

Two Cincinnati Women Bloggers were selected to attend this event to help spread the word about a new campaign by Frito Lay (and their creative agencies) based on girlfriends and our sisterhood of snackers.

Andrea of MommySnacks.net and Debba of Girlfriendology.com (aka: me) were invited to a special event in Los Angeles on February 24th. We, along with eight other women bloggers, were given a tour of the Frito-Lay plant and a presentation on their new focus on healthy foods for women. That night we were featured at a red carpet event where we, along with celebrity guests Brooke Burke and Mel B viewed the premier of a new marketing campaign and webisode from Frito-Lay called “A Woman’s World.”

The tour and event were both fabulous – as well as informative and fun! The real ‘treat’ was that companies like Frito-Lay see women bloggers as a key way to reach their consumers.

Personally, thanks Frito-Lay for this event and for inviting Andrea and I, as well as the other wonderful women bloggers to L.A. Thanks for appreciating our online influence and audience, and for seeking our insight into your consumers. It’s great to see how women bloggers mean business!


3 Responses

  1. How fun!
    ~Sandy toe

  2. You are truly amazing!!! It’s inspiring seeing how you and the other women bloggers use this technology to build and maintain relationships. Glad you got a reward for all of your hard work.

  3. That is so cool Debba. Can’t wait to hear all about it!


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