Local Blogger News – Bloggers Go Cross Country

This week we’ve got bloggers traveling across country, speaking at national conferences and walking the red carpet with Brooke Burke!


michelle-lentzIf you’re planning on attending BlogHer this year, be sure to check out the panel on  Food Blogging in Time of Recession.  The panel will include local wine blogger, Michelle Lentz!  She’ll be speaking on both finding Recession Wines and how to be a wine (and food) blogger during a recession.  Congrats Michelle! Click here for the details.


debba-haupertCWB co-founder, Debba (Girlfriendology) and Andrea (Mommy Snacks) recently were invited by Frito-lay to California for the preimier of their A Woman’s World campaign.  While there they walked the red carpet with celebrities and represented Cincinnati.  Check out there blogs for news on how it all went down!


katethegreatKate (Kate’s Random Musings) was interviewed and pictured in an article in CincyChic highlighting the top ten ways for women in Cincinnati to get involved. Kate as many of you know is a champion for the United Way here in Cincinnati. You can check out the article, here.


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Women Bloggers Mean Business

Why would Frito-Lay fly ten women bloggers to L.A. for a tour and special event? Because, women bloggers mean business.

Women bloggers are at the heart of social media and developing relationships online – we’re SOCIAL and we have a strong influence on female consumers (who make/impact 83% of all consumer purchase decisions).

Two Cincinnati Women Bloggers were selected to attend this event to help spread the word about a new campaign by Frito Lay (and their creative agencies) based on girlfriends and our sisterhood of snackers.

Andrea of MommySnacks.net and Debba of Girlfriendology.com (aka: me) were invited to a special event in Los Angeles on February 24th. We, along with eight other women bloggers, were given a tour of the Frito-Lay plant and a presentation on their new focus on healthy foods for women. That night we were featured at a red carpet event where we, along with celebrity guests Brooke Burke and Mel B viewed the premier of a new marketing campaign and webisode from Frito-Lay called “A Woman’s World.”

The tour and event were both fabulous – as well as informative and fun! The real ‘treat’ was that companies like Frito-Lay see women bloggers as a key way to reach their consumers.

Personally, thanks Frito-Lay for this event and for inviting Andrea and I, as well as the other wonderful women bloggers to L.A. Thanks for appreciating our online influence and audience, and for seeking our insight into your consumers. It’s great to see how women bloggers mean business!

Local Blogger News: Cincy Women Blogger “Breaks a Leg”

Last night I had the opportunity to check out the Falcon Theatre’s production of Hamlet at the Monmouth Street Theater in Newport, KY.  Now you may be asking yourself, Shannan, this is Cincy Women Bloggers, what’s the connection between Hamlet and social media?  Well I’ll tell you… in this case, it’s Julie from WineMeDineMe, who takes on three rolls (that’s right, three rolls!) in the production.

Courtesy of Falcon Theater Facebook page

Courtesy of Falcon Theater Facebook page

Hamlet has forever been one of my favorite works from Shakespeare so when Julie offered me the opportunity to check out the Falcon Theater’s production, I jumped at the chance.  I first remember reading Hamlet it in college and finding myself fascinated with the love story portion of the play.  I even wrote a paper for a writing class about the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia.  NOTE:  Ophelia was the name of my very first laptop – a PowerBook 190cs, by Apple (That’s how dorky I am!)

Prior to seeing Hamlet, I’d not seen a production by Falcon Theater. My husband and I have only recently gotten into local theater, and just attended our local theater production few months ago.

Now I am not a theater critic, but as a person who enjoys theater, I would give Falcon Theater’s production of Hamlet two thumbs up and would recommend you check it out. It’s not only a great way to show your support local theater, but it’s a great night out that won’t break your wallet.

Here’s a list of the cast along with some notes from me!

Hamlet: Ted Weil
Gertrude: Tracy Schoster
Claudius: Terry Gosdin  
Horatio: Holly Sauerbrunn
Ophelia: Carrie Mees
Laertes: Jay Dallas Benson
Polonius: Jim Waldfogle
Rosencrantz: Tim Rogers
Guildenstern: Thurman Allen
Gravedigger: David Roth
Gravedigger/Lucianus/Osric: Dave Bogenschutz
Player Queen/Marcellus/Ambassador: Julie Niesen
Player King/Captain/Attendant: Michael Potter
Ghost/Player/Attendant/Priest: Bob Buchtman
Bernardo/Cornelius/Player/Attendant: Thomas Langlois

Director: Ted Weil, Tracy Schoster and Holly Sauerbrunn

Performances are at the Monmouth Theatre (636 Monmouth Street) in Newport, KY. You can catch the show the following weekends -February 20, 21, 27, 28 and March 6 and 7 at 8:00 p.m.

Tickets are only $15.00 for adults and $12.00 for students and seniors.

For more information and reservations call 513-479-6783 or check out their web site at www.falcontheater.net. You can also find them on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter, here.

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Next Women Blogger Conference: BlogHer

Several of us attended Blissdom – a conference for women bloggers in Nashville, Feb. 6/7. It was a great event with 250 enthusiastic bloggers who learned, shared and laughed together. We were surprised by a showing of an upcoming Disney Pearl sponsored event of “Yanni Voices.” After the special screening, two of the singing stars walked in to a room of screaming women! (Which, in my opinion, shows you the impact of female bloggers – if even Disney will go to that effort!)

Next learning conference for women bloggers (that several of us are attending) is BlogHer in Chicago, July 23-25.

Want to learn more about blogging? Come to our meetings (Feb. 28th) and consider attending BlogHer. And, let us know if you’d like to be added to the blogroll here on the Cincinnati Women Bloggers site.

Local Blogger Events/ Happenings/News

 Check out all that’s happening this week with the Cincinnati Blogging Community:


Local blog, Cincinnati Imports, has organized their first meet-up! It’s scheduled for Thursday, February 12th at the Oakley Pub & Grill. It starts at 5:30 p.m. and is open to everyone. 


Blogger Michelle Lentz is presenting a Web 2.0 class at the Health Alliance.  Here are the details:

Has your CEO Tweeted today? Got your organization’s Facebook page up and running? Do you have images and videos on Flickr and YouTube? Do you even know what any of those things are? Web 2.0 tools like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, Flickr, and YouTube are taking over, and nonprofits can use these tools to share information. But how-and more importantly, why-should nonprofits use each of these tools? This workshop will introduce participants to a variety of Web 2.0 tools and discuss why each should be used, for what audiences, and how to use them.


Thursday, February 12, 2009
Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Registration begins at 9:00 a.m.
Workshop runs from 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Instructor: Michelle Lentz, Write Technology
CEUs: 5.0


The Health Foundation Conference Facility


$20 nonprofit rate, $450 market rate (applies to for-profit agencies)
(includes continental breakfast and lunch)

To register:

Registration deadline is one week (7 calendar days) before each workshop. To register, please visit http://register.healthfoundation.org



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New faces, New (web) places

Thanks to the great piece in the Enquirer on Friday, we’ve found a number of new women who are blogging in Greater Cincinnati. So, meet the newest members of our community and check out their sites!

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Terri: Reflections from Women Blogspace

Jen: Inspired Mother

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