Q&A with CWB of the Month: Vickie Sceifers

Meet Vickie Sceifers, October’s Cincinnati Women Blogger of the month. Below you’ll learn a little more about Vickie, and for the next couple weeks, we’ll also be cross posting her favorite entries from her blogs.

Name and About your Blog(s)?  Deny the Lie (personal); Why New Media (I’m still in flux about this name, I’m not in love with it. The blog is directed at business owners and is simply about anything video, podcasting, vidcasting, social networking, business related. I’m open to name suggestions.) The address is vspntv.sceifers.com soon to be www.vspnetwork.com.

Neighborhood/City? Mason

How long have you been blogging? about 4 months

Why did you start blogging?

  I started out doing a personal video blog, just as an outlet. Kind of like talking to someone without needing a response, or being judged, or thinking I talk too much. I called it “50,000 words”. (you know how women have 50,000 words per day and men have 30,000; but men go to work and use up 25,000 of their words so when they come home, they only have 3,000 words left. Women, on the other hand, have been home alone with no one to talk to, essentially, so when their husband comes home, she has 30,000 of her words left.) You do the math. It doesn’t have any followers; it’s just a personal place for me. But it is where I started.

Then I shifted to a business blog to promote my video production business. It seemed a cost effective way to promote my business and at the same time be able to use more information than a brochure can manage. As I said before, it’s anything media related to help businesses.

Most memorable experience as a blogger?  well, I haven’t had something outrageously memorable yet, as a blogger. (I have as a blog reader, if you want that one.) I went to PodCamp Ohio in Columbusbefore I actually had done any blogging. I followed everything pretty well, since I was already technical, but it was a fantastic place to meet people that were already doing it. This was probably my first experience of “meeting” someone online and then meeting them in person. I know this is supposed to be about blogging, but my intention has always been toward more of a combination of blogging and podcasting site. I haven’t done much combining, so far it’s mostly a blog, but I don’t think of them as wholly separate tools.

Favorite offline activities

I love to read; my hubby and I enjoy driving around the city or out in the country, altho we don’t do that as much as we used to, obviously. We are both computer people, so we do a lot of computer related things as hobbies as well. I love attending conventions; I love video production.



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  1. Cool, I like that you’re doing these interviews and giving us another chance to get to know each other 🙂

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