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Christine Kane wrote a blog post to commemorate her one year blog anniversary. In it she covered 18 stupid mistakes bloggers make in their first year, like:

  • Apologizing for not writing
  • Checking your stats HOURLY
  • Comparing yourself to six-figure bloggers (poor Dooce!)
  • and more

As a blogger, what lessons have you learned from that process? What have you learned from others blogs? What would you change about your blog but you can’t at this point?

Cincinnati Women Bloggers have experienced bloggers like Michelle Lentz who started in 2002 and Julie Niesen who has been blogging since 2000, to newbies who are just getting started. Pro or amateur, there are always lessons to learn and, sometimes, re-learn. Share your lessons or even lesson you wish others would learn!

by Debba Haupert, http://www.girlfriendology.com

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2 Responses

  1. Great post idea.

    I think one lesson I’ve learned (or maybe got better at) is realizing that opinions about how to mother or who to vote for or where to draw lines in your marriage are very personal choices for each of us.

    In my younger, stupid days I was head strong when it came to many issues. Things used to be so black and white for me.

    I would eliminate people from my world that disagreed with my stand on things. Now that I blog, I’ll meet and connect with people and adore them. Eventually a subject comes up that we are at complete odds with one another over. The election this year is a perfect example of this. Through blogging and clearly expressing my opinions, I’ve realized it’s not my job (or right) to convince other people to my side and that I can really have a wonderful exchange with the other opinions out there. As a result, we come out of that discussion with a better understanding of one another and feel even closer. I love that aspect. For me this is life lesson is far harder for whatever reason IRL than it is with my blog community. Not sure why. Maybe the grays are easier to see online??

  2. Link, links are what separates us from apes.

    My pet peeve, put contact info on your blog, someone shy may want to email comments in private.

    Don’t worry about if something has already been said or done. It has. And better. But who cares, tells us from your perspective anyhow.

    If you haven’t pissed someone off this week, you’re playing it too safe.

    Write reviews.

    Don’t be afraid to do anything. in fact if you’re afraid of something, do it. then do it again.

    If all else fails, post a picture of a sunset, everyone loves sunsets. As a matter of fact, have at least one picture in every post.

    And like you said, if you haven’t posted in awhile, don’t apologize, no one cares but you.

    As a matter of fact, i assume no one even looks at my blog and do it for myself. Don’t worry what anyone else thinks, if you like it, everyone else will too.

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