CWB Blogger of the Month: Q&A with Amy Cribbs

Name: Amy Cribbs

Amy in Ohio:
Cincinnati Losers:

In which Neighborhood/City in Greater Cincinnati do you live?
I live in Norwood and work in Crescent Springs

How long have you been blogging?
Since May, 2008

How did you start blogging?
I have followed blogs for a year or so now. First with the biggies like Dooce and The Bloggess. Everyone knows how quickly one great blog leads to another. I found myself spending time each day connecting with these people. I quickly became friends with a few – real friendships, sharing things we all could identify with: being a mom, being a working mom, being happy or sad about our days. Sometimes you find yourself knowing more about the lives of your blog family than your closest friends and relatives. It was April when I started thinking about writing my own to be a bigger part of this community. I had interacted obviously through comments and e-mails, but I felt I owed it people and myself to put more of ME out there since I was getting so much from knowing THEM.

Why do you enjoy blogging?

That’s an easy question and you could probably get sense of my main reason from my earlier answers. The blogs offer a community like no other – you can have real connections with people like you or completely different than you. Luckily, this can be done on your time table with your comfort level. In this busy time, you can’t always schedule the time you need to tend to your relationships – especially getting together with friends and whatnot. With this community, it is always there. You can connect with someone special at 3am by catching up on their blog, leave a comment or send them an e-mail and you’ve had a real exchange with someone.

Another reason is that it has given me an outlet to express myself – whether anyone reads it or not, it marks where I am at this very moment in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love knowing people are out there reading and connecting with my words, but even if no one ever clicked on my page again, I grow each time I put a piece of me on that screen. I know myself a little better.

What is your most memorable experience since you began blogging?
Winning a pass to Blogher 08 and attending it in San Fransisco in July. How wonderful to put faces to the bloggers I had been following. It also made me appreciate even more the community that I lucked into.

What are your favorite offline activities?
• My family – my daughter Parker is two years old and she is the center of our world. I always knew motherhood was important, I had no idea how hard and wonderful and fun it would be too. Parker is one of the funniest people I know! My husband Doug is pretty entertaining himself.
• Following politics (I do alot of that online too obviously)
• Learning to cook, I’m taking real classes starting in October at The Party Source (very excited!)
• Anything and everything reality tv on Bravo – I’m a junkie


5 Responses

  1. Wow, you won a pass to BlogHer? Sooo jealous! I, too, have an unhealthy obsession with Bravo reality TV. Totally addicated to Real Housewives of the OC and Workout.

    Good luck on your cooking classses. Been there and it was some of the best classes I’ve ever particapted in! Go Amy!


  2. Robin – have you seen the previews for the Real Housewives of Atlanta? OH MY – I won’t be leaving the house! I’m already addicted and it doesn’t start til Oct 7th!

  3. Amy- Yes! I TIVO’ed the Atlanta version. By the end of the first preview show, two of them are ready to fist fight. It’s a total trainwreck…..I’d addicted already. I feel guility about liking this show, if that’s any consolation, but I’m SO watching every episode. ha!

    If you are familiar with the OC housewives, check this out


  4. While I only follow politics so we can converse, I absolutely love that you love Bravo! Someday I envision us having cocktails with Jeff Lewis and Jenny!

  5. […] I recently reconnected with an old friend from my OSU days, turns out she is even a big time blogger! […]

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