What’s important when YOU blog?

Some are new, some are not. Some serious, others seriously funny. There are all types of bloggers in the Cincinnati Women Bloggers and each one gives a unique and welcomed voice.

Knowing this diversity and range of experience, I thought the following article was appropriate. As a newbie blogger, it’s a good place to start. As an established blogger, it’s a good reminder.

2 Important Things to Remember When Blogging
August 23rd, 2008 Posted in Micro-Blogging, Smaller Indiana, Social Media Community, Social Strategy, blogging, social media

I am a new believer of Gary Vaynerchek. Gary is a self-made millionaire and web 2.0 genius! I stumbled across his site the past week and fell in love with his daily video blogs (vlogs anyone?). The energy Gary instills in the listener is unbelievable! Check out his site if you haven’t. You will not regret it!

My “social media circle” on FriendFeed, SmallerIndiana, and Twitter have been talking a lot about the secrets to blogging. What should be the reasons to blog? What kind of content do people want to read? Should you cater to an SEO type system?

Gary posted a great video about his opinion on How To Build a Great Show on the Internet. He relates building an online show to the likes of a blog or podcast. What I loved so much about the video is Gary completely destroying the glitz and glam aspect of social media

From Gary (semi-paraphrased by me):

“All that glitz and glamor is horse crap. It is not about the camera I use. It is not about the high-tech blogging software you use. It’s NOT! It’s not about the widgets. It’s not about the SEO

It is about Content and Community.

It is about giving from your heart on topics you understand.

Simply brilliant. Gary comes from the hardcore tactics of posting daily, responding to every reader email, and always being involved in the conversation. Content and Community should always be on the front burner of goals associated with business and personal blogs. If you start a blog strictly for SEO purposes, go ahead and join the ranks of lifeless posts.

If you care more about your bottom line than helping and joining the COMMUNITY behind your brand… Go ahead and send out an e-newsletter. Don’t waste your time with a blog.

From KyleLacy.com

So, Cincinnati Women Bloggers (and others) what’s important to YOU when you’re blogging? Are you building community and content? How? Why?


4 Responses

  1. Since I just posted this (my turn!) I’ll share my personal thoughts.

    I agree that it’s about community and content. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive video production or the elaborate sound mix podcast to be good content, it has to be true to your voice.

    That’s the beautiful thing about blogging. We all have the opportunity to have a voice and, depending on the content and community we build, to have that voice heard. That’s pretty awesome. It wasn’t that many decades ago where we couldn’t vote or stand up for issues we feel passionate about.

    Thanks to the other bloggers who inspire and encourage us. Thanks to the women who collaborate and help each other achieve their dreams. (Men may do this too, just not something I’m privy to.) Thanks to you for reading and for being part of the Cincinnati Women Bloggers community!

    Debba / http://www.girlfriendology.com

  2. I don’t really have a comment other than thank you for linking to my blog. Everything you said in your post is completely true. Authentic conversation and content is key. Do not get caight up in the mundane of grammar. Start with an idea and expound upon it. Let me know if you have any questions. Let us start the collaboration process.

  3. Totally agree with you, Debba. I tend to get “involved” with the writer of the blog when they share their personal stories and pictures. (although, I must say, I’m so impressed by some of the great pictures/photographers on these blogs!)

    Whether you are giving informative information on a topic or just talking about your day, it’s all about building content, networking, and meeting new people. More cognizance of those around you, both in business and otherwise.

    Robin http://www.SupernaturalBotanicals.com/blog

  4. The most important thing for me is to remain genuine and that the voice heard is MY voice. It’s so easy to see a blog/blogger who is funny or smart or the rare combo of both and without realizing it, you start to sound like them. Sure, imitation is a wonderful compliment, but really, if people want to read someone that sounds like THAT blogger, they’ll likely just go read THAT blogger.

    As sad as it sounds, this is probably the one platform where I can be completely free and let my voice sing from the choir loft. We must maintain a certain level of reserve in our professional life, our relationships, our dealings with society. But on my blog, that canvas is white and ready for my words – my one shot each day to let it all hang out, get mad as hell or try to make people laugh. My one shot to be completely myself and that is the most important thing for me.

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