Women Sites and Blogs are Growing!

City of CincinnatiImage via Wikipedia Bulldog Reports reported that sites aimed women are growing …

Advertisers Flock to Women-Focused Sites and Blogs: Marketers See Product Opps Galore in Fastest-Growing Category

Sites aimed primarily at women, from “mommy blogs” to makeup and fashion sites, grew 35 percent last year — faster than every other category on the Web except politics, according to Internet traffic measurement company comScore. Women’s sites had 84 million visitors in July, 27 percent more than the same month last year, comScore said. Advertisers are following the crowd, serving up 4.4 billion display ads on women’s Web sites in May, the NY Times reports.

See the full article.

What does this mean for Cincinnati Women Bloggers? And for everyone else out there competing for ‘eyes’ on the Internet? Sure, we have more competition. But as I’ve featured on my site (Girlfriendology) recently, women are often more collaborative and supportive. So, we do things like start a group called “Cincinnati Women Bloggers” to educate new bloggers and to form a community for all of us to learn, share and inspire.

If you don’t have a blog yet, start one. If you’re in Cincinnati (and, sorry guys!, a woman) come join us this Saturday for our meet-up at 10am at the Bean Haus in Covington. Have a voice. Join the other 36 million women in the blogosphere (and growing). It’s a great way to connect, record your thoughts/lives and share. See you Saturday!

p.s. Saturday we’re fortunate that Michelle Lentz will talk with us about the power and uses of Twitter. She knows her stuff and we’ll all learn a lot! I just made a contact on Twitter and was on a national radio show last week. It can be powerful! Come find out more!Related articles by Zemanta

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Debba / Girlfriendology.com hosting events for women in September!


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