Saturday’s Meet Up – Whose Coming???

Check out all these amazing Women who’ll be gathering Saturday at Coffee Emporium in Hyde Park to talk about blogging.

Cara – Working Moms Against Guilt
Susan – Working Moms Against Guilt & Mr. & Mrs. Get Fit
Amy – Amy in Ohio
Shannan – Mommy Bits
Olivia – Where’s the Blue Crayon?
Julie – WineMeDineMe Cincinnati & Ditto Chic
Barb – My Life From Behind a Camera
Laura – World’s Best Burger
Debba – Girlfriendology
Amybeth – Research Goddess
Loree – Hermits Gone Wild and World’s Best Burger
Krista – KriBaby and
Maureen – Taking the House by Storm

Want to join us? Did I miss your RSVP? Leave a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll add you to the list –


10 Responses

  1. Is it too late to be a host city for the Blogher tour?

    I’m totally not kidding.

    Oh and Playgroupie is going to make a guest appearance at our August meeting. She’d be there Saturday but her daughter is being baptized.

    Where the hell are her priorities any ways? Us, God? Please.

  2. I’m totes going to be there.

  3. I’d love to come, but right now I don’t have a sitter. Tentative?

    At least I don’t have walking pneumonia anymore! I think?

  4. Amy – I think the schedule is set for 2008 but you should make your case to Jory for 2009. I think our region is growing in terms of bloggers.

    PS. Very cool news about Playgroupie coming to the August meeting. I adore her.

  5. YEA! Good job y’all!!! I’m a feminist, and have a couple of pretty dresses… does that count? LOL


    Juliet (of Juliet/Juliette) and I tried to start a queer bloggers meet-up. It ended up with us just going out to a bar and getting drunk together.

    Now THAT’S a meetup I can respect.

  6. I’m in – would love to hang out with you guys!!! What time is it at???

  7. I can’t wait to see everyone. See you tomorrow morning!

  8. hey shannan! A few of the links (including mine) don’t work– they need an http://. Silly Blogspot!

  9. Augh….lol. Thanks Julie. Got it corrected.

  10. Still not working– try again! 🙂

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